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We started our adventure in 2013. Our vision is to bring our customers the unique setting in enjoying Vrgada's scenery while sipping on your favourite beverage. Beach bar Hakuna Matata is located on beautiful island of Vrgada. Bar is placed on a sandy beach just few steps away from crystal clear sea.

Treat yourself in a Coffee Bar on the beach

Bar is placed on a sandy beach just few steps away from crystal clear sea.

During the day beach is peaceful and warm place. Sandy beach, blue sea and hot sun will make you enjoy your visit at this little paradise. Bar also offers cool refreshments such as ice cream, cold drinks and cocktails.

Ice Cocktail

About Island

The island of Vrgada is located in the southeastern part of the Zadar archipelago, between the town of Pakostane and the island of Pasman. The island is inhabited by only 200 inhabitants, who still successfully preserve the traditional way of life, without cars, mostly living of land cultivation, fishing and tourism. Numerous bays with pebble and sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, dense pine forest and the mosaic of arable land that stretches in the middle of the island, are just some of the reasons that make this island extremely attractive to all who want relaxation and peace, and escape from city noise and verve.

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Sailing schedule

Vrgada - PakoŇ°tane - Biograd

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On June 1st, we are opening the doors of your favorite summer getaway!

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